The Probus Club of Oundle meets for luncheon on the third Tuesday of every month at the Oundle Golf Club at 11:45am. The meal is preceded by a speaker.

In the Summer members play Pitch and Putt at Ferry Meadows on the second Tuesday in the month.

Lunch topics for 2019

Speakers for 2018 – 2019

16/01/19      Helen Crabtree               Curiosities of Leicestershire (Date changed to Wednesday)

19/02/19      Colin Ray                          Music Halls

19/03/19      AGM

21/05/19      Colin Pendrill                  When we were young – Oundle School WW1

18/06/19      Mohommad Chaudan   Banking in a changing world

16/07/19      BBQ

20/08/19      Helen Frost                      Women’s Land army WW1

17/09/19      Graham Evans                 V2 & to the Moon

15/10/19      David Ellis                        Colleyweston Slate

19/11/19      Fred West                        Special Agents

17/12/19      Christmas Supper                       

21/01/20      Joe Bailey                       Health & Active Life Styles

18/02/20      Nigel Macknight           Up & Away with the Red Arrows

17/03/20      AGM